Logo is a competitive online multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Your goal is to conquer the largest territory. Hit your opponent's tail to eliminate them. Avoid the walls and don't let enemies him your tail to stay alive.

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Mini Golf Buddies Logo

Mini Golf Buddies

Fun physics-based 3D sport simulator with dozens of challenging levels.

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Poly and the Marble Maze Logo

Poly and the Marble Maze

Guide the lost ball Poly through a mysterious and beautiful marble maze. "Poly and the Marble Maze" is a modern Platformer with intuitive controls, huge collection of challenging levels and stunningly beautiful visuals. In this unique ball rolling game you

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Duel of Tanks Logo

Duel of Tanks

Duel of Tanks is a turn-based strategic artillery game primarily focusing on multiplayer PVP battles.

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Cue Billiard Club Logo

Cue Billiard Club

The most advanced 3D Pool simulator with lifelike ball physics and tons of fun. Cue Billiard Club is a realistic 3D pool simulator game with enjoyable gameplay and hundreds of tricky levels. Combining beautiful graphics, accurate physics and easy-to-use co

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Astro Bouncer Logo

Astro Bouncer

Astro Bouncer is casual endless game like Flappy Bird or Crossy Road. You are an astronaut who got lost in the galaxy and crash-landed on a dangerous alien planet. Try to survive as long as you can! Just tap the screen to jump using your jet pack to stay i

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Bubble Bunny Blitz Logo

Bubble Bunny Blitz

Bubble Bunny Blitz is a classic bubble shooting game with Easter theme. Aim and shoot eggs with the Easter Bunny. Match three or more eggs of the same color to pop the group. The goal of the game is to get the highest possible score and collect all stars o

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Mini Golf Club Logo

Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club is a realistic mini golf simulator with outstanding gameplay. Combining beautiful graphics, realistic physics and easy-to-use controls, Mini Golf Club is challenging yet fun sport game for all ages. Your goal is to hit the ball into a series

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Offroad Racing 2 Logo

Offroad Racing 2

Offroad Racing, the popular physics based racing game with over 2 million players worldwide is back with a free action-packed sequel. Combining beautiful HD graphics, realistic physics and easy-to-use controls, Offroad Racing 2 is a unique and fun driving

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Pet Run Logo

Pet Run

Pet Run is a fast-paced endless runner with intuitive controls and randomized gameplay. Swipe left/right to rotate the platform when above light blocks and swipe up/down to jump or roll. Your reflexes will be tested, that's for sure!</br></br>You will neve

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Battle Droids Logo

Battle Droids

Battle Droids is a remake of the popular multiplayer action game, Bomberman. Customize your droid! Enter the arena against up to 4 players from all around the globe. Your goal is to defeat your enemies using your bombs. Collect and use different powers to

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Medieval Apocalypse Logo

Medieval Apocalypse

Medieval Apocalypse is an action-packed hack and slash role playing game that takes players to an apocalyptic medieval world. Playing as a knight, your goal is to complete quests and eliminate the attacking zombie hordes. You will receive coins and experie

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Offroad Racing Logo

Offroad Racing

Combining beautiful HD graphics, realistic physics and easy-to-use controls, Offroad Racing is a unique and fun racing game for Windows 8. Collect coins to upgrade your vehicles and unlock new levels. Perform stunts to earn extra coins. With loads of excit

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