Astro Bouncer
Arcade / Action

Astro Bouncer is casual endless game like Flappy Bird or Crossy Road. You are an astronaut who got lost in the galaxy and crash-landed on a dangerous alien planet. Try to survive as long as you can! Just tap the screen to jump using your jet pack to stay in the air. Collect stars to reach the highest score. Use power-ups effectively to stay alive longer. Force Field shields you and prevents any damage. Magnetic Suit uses the force of gravity to attract nearby stars. Jet Booster makes you fly higher. Plasma Mine explodes and shoots enemy creatures. Space is a dangerous place, it's full of spiky monsters from all around the universe. How long can you keep bouncing?


  • Two challenging game modes
  • Unique characters and creatures
  • Endlessly hop and bounce off walls
  • Dodge spiky aliens in a Sci-fi environment
  • Lots of collectible power-ups
  • Simple and innovative gameplay
  • Free to play